Board of Management



The Board of Management is responsible for the governance and direction of the school, the use of school resources and the management of budgetary allocations made to the school by the Minister. To discharge its duty in this regard, the Board should ensure that there is an adequate system of control, delegation and accountability in place to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of school services and school administration.

The Board of Management of Blakestown CS is composed of three DDLETB nominees, three Le Chéile Schools’ Trust nominees, two parent nominees and two teacher nominees. The current composition of the Board of Management is as follows:


  • Patrick Flynn (Chairperson)
  • Frank Milling (Principal, Secretary to the Board)
  • David McGuinness (Deputy Principal, Recording Secretary)
  • Martin Frawley
  • Tara O’Brien
  • Cllr. Howard Mahony
  • Cllr. Kieran Dennison
  • Sharon McGrath
  • Daren Murphy
  • Parent Nominee 2 (Pending Election)
  • Geraldine Troy
  • Anne Kearney

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