BCS is a community-based, progressive, co-educational and student-centred school in the heart of Dublin 15.

As a Community School, represented by the Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools (ACCS), we are duty-bound to provide equal access to a comprehensive, community-based, multi-denominational education and to pioneer the delivery of an innovative model of teaching, learning, assessment and reporting. In so doing, we aim to contribute to a just and caring society. In line with the stated objectives of ACCS, we:


  • innovate and disseminate good practice in Blakestown CS
  • communicate effectively with all stakeholders
  • facilitate our staff in the execution of their responsibilities
  • commit to use and account for resources efficiently and effectively
  • influence and manage change by committing to partnership initiatives
  • promote the growth of the Community School model

“The senior management team, comprising the principal and deputy principal, is committed to
promoting a culture of excellence and quality improvement. They are dedicated and
hardworking, have a clear vision for the future of the school which includes leading a very
impressive school-improvement agenda. The principal and deputy principal are a constant and
proactive presence on the school corridors, are understanding of students’ needs and operate
an open door policy toward teachers, parents and students alike.”

DES Inspectorate