Home School Liaison Scheme

Hi, my name is Shauna Keyes and I am the new Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator in Blakestown Community School.

The Home School Community Liaison Scheme (HSCL) has been running in Ireland since 1990. It is there because it recognises that parents and guardians are the most important teachers in their children’s lives. The scheme also realises that the community has a lot to offer the school and the school has a lot to offer the community. So, my job is to build bonds and links between the school, the homes and the community.

I visit homes frequently and am always on hand to sort out a problem, offer advice or to just listen. I offer to help parents with any issues that relate to their child’s educational experience in our school. I help organise educational courses and social opportunities for parents. It is the aim of the HSCL scheme that parents and guardians would be more involved in the local school and more involved in their child’s education.

In the community I am involved in many groups, agencies and committees. I represent the school in as many places as I can. This means that families and students are represented too. In our school, students and their families are central.


Maybe you have a concern or a question/issue to raise or would just like a chat at home or at school, please contact me: Shauna Keyes on 085 7266701

This function has been disabled for Blakestown Community School.