The Board of Management of Blakestown Community School invites applications from suitably qualified persons for a variety of posts outlined below:



Our current vacancies are:

1. Caretaker (Permanent)


The duties of a Caretaker are listed below:
1. To take care of the premises and contents and to prevent as far as possible, any damage to
the structure, furniture, fittings and equipment.
2. To be responsible for the opening and closing of the buildings as required.
3. Ensure that the School buildings are safe and secure at the conclusion of classes,
examinations or functions.
4. To keep the School premises, furniture and equipment secure.
5. To keep the School premises, furniture and fittings in a clean condition (this includes
bathrooms on a continual basis throughout the day in accordance with requirements of the
H.S.E./Environmental Health Officer.
6. To supervise canteen area during meal times.
7. To keep in a clean condition all glass doors, windows, etc., and to carry out painting of walls,
woodwork and window frames as directed by the School Principal / Line Managers.
8. To see to the heating requirements of the building and safeguard the heating and water
pipes during the cold period of the year.
9. To keep in safe custody the keys of all rooms in the building and to ensure that no
unauthorised person has access to any part of the building
10. When night classes, examinations or School functions are being held, the Caretaker will be
obliged to be on duty half an hour before the start of such classes or functions and have
rooms in readiness for class.
11. To set out and transfer as required, class materials, equipment and furniture, including
preparation for Group Meetings and other after School events.
12. To give such assistance as may be required outside the School building as directed by the
School Principal / Line Managers.
13. To keep the School grounds in good order, including mowing, weeding, strimming and
maintenance of paths, parking areas, and all access routes.
14. To open and close the School as directed by the School Principal / Line Managers. To control
the entry of students to and their exit from the School and have all rooms ready for activities
at least half an hour before the official time of commencing.
15. To note and arrange for the receipt of furniture, equipment, food supplies, fuel, and other
materials for general use.
16. To perform such similar duties as may be required and generally to carry out such duties as
may be required from time to time by School Principal / Line
17. To complete relevant documentation as required under Health and Safety legislation and be a member of the

school’s Health and Safety Committee.

18. To work in compliance with the School’s Safety Statement. To carry out any other duties
appropriate to the position.

Please note this list is not exhaustive






















































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