History of School

HISTORY OF OUR SCHOOL                                               

The population grew rapidly in the early 1970’s causing an expansion of Dublin City and a large movement of people west to the Blanchardstown area to new suburban housing estates on green field sites. Blakestown Community School was built to cater for the needs of the ever growing population, its intention to be a focal point for that developing community.

Scheduled to open in 1980, the school in fact opened its doors to its first pupils on
11th September, 1979 with 89 students. It is well documented and many stories abound of our humble beginnings, an unfinished building with limited equipment and furniture on an open underdeveloped site of approximately seven acres. Early memories likened it more to a building site rather than a school.

Despite initial setbacks, Blakestown Community School rapidly developed, not just surviving but thriving – reaching its peak with a student intake of 1,015 in 1985/1986.

Now, thirty-one years on with a dedicated talented staff, ambitious students, supportive parents and active Board of Management, Blakestown Community School certainly is a focal point in its surrounding community.

The school grounds, now enclosed, boast the addition of a fine gym and an all-weather sports facility. Our school is now home to 487 students, Principal and Deputy Principal, 40 teaching staff, 7 classroom assistants plus secretarial and maintenance staff.

Over the years we have met the complex and diverse needs of our students with a wide ranging curriculum, many policies, programmes and initiatives were devised and adapted. There is the Junior Certificate and J.C.S.P. Programme at junior level and at senior level the Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied, the L.C.V.P, links with local business and more importantly Access Programmes to Trinity College, Dublin and Blanchardstown Institute of Technology.

Emphasis is not only on the academic but also the sports and cultural, as Blakestown Community School has a thriving extra-curricular programme involving the blending of the academic with the extra-curricular fully nurtures the talents of each student. I hope this website provides an insight into the diversity and breath of activity that takes place in our school.

A pupil of our school is a member of a caring community and we are so proud of the development over the years of a dynamic Pastoral Care structure, Tutors, Assistant Year Heads, Year Heads, reinforced by the Guidance Counsellors, full-tine Chaplain, the Home/School Community Liaison teacher, the Equal Opportunities Programme, links with outside agencies and a compassionate Care Team.

Blakestown is innovative and multicultural now with students from many nationalities. We strive to be inclusive and welcoming. We celebrate the achievements and talents of our students and our Graduation and Award Ceremonies are celebrated in style.

We have come a long way from the unfinished building of 1979. We look forward to meeting the challenges ahead, journeying on in the pursuit of excellence and the continued development of Blakestown Community School within the greater Blanchardstown area.

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